Sinful Sunday 331: zipwire

The mix of pleasure and pain is H.O.T. And a simple way of giving Mistress pleasure through a bit of self-administered pain is a zipwire: pegs, clipped to flesh, connected by a rope. Then pulled off like a Band-Aid. 

Sometimes across the nipples, or balls, cock or inner thigh. Clip and pull – and that lovely feeling that just makes you need to touch yourself. Just the eight this time. How many next time, ma’am?

See who else is getting snappy this Sinful Sunday by clicking on the lips below.

Sinful Sunday

Author: kinkyandperky

Normal by day, Sub-normal by night. Online submissive alterego. I came for the pain and stayed for the control. Follow me on twitter on @kinkyandperky

29 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 331: zipwire”

    1. It’s very important to be organised in your kink!

      Actually, the funny thing is it does take some setting up, like a domino topple. If you try to be too ambitious it is difficult to pull off in one go, thereby ruining the effect somewhat!


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