Out of reach

Today was an uncaged day. My Domme likes to do this as a change of pace from locking me up. She lets me touch myself, and encourages me to edge as often as I can get away with. But I’m not allowed to come and I have to tell her about my edging fantasies. As she puts it: “I want to know how full of filth your head is, slut.”

Sometimes I record her a note, other times I’ll spin out a fantasy after I have recovered from edging near orgasm. Below is a text I sent my Domme of the denial fantasy I was having while edging for her. If it’s a bit rough, it’s because it’s hard typing with one hand…

Mistress not only approved me to post it here, she ordered me to. So, here it is:

“I’m spread eagled with a spreader bar between my ankles. My hands are tied behind my head to the wrought iron bedstead. And you are between my legs, naked. You are dragging your breasts up the inside of my thighs, bringing them to rest on my balls. Using your erect nipples you drag up and down my rigid cock, wiping the aureoles around the weeping cock head to make them nice and sticky. You suck one yourself as you gently play with your outer lips, reaching the odd finger inside. You then straddle my chest and shove the other breast into my mouth, telling my to choke on my own slutty pre-cum.

You continue to sit on me. And you open up your juicy cunt wide with the fingers of one hand while you reach slowly inside with the other. You withdraw the wet fingers to show me. You wipe them down my cheek. So I can smell you but can’t quite reach it with my tongue. And you use those wet fingers to circulate your clit.

It swells and you stroke it harder, squeezing your tits with your other hand. You’re grinding back and forth and moaning loudly. My cock is about 3 inches behind you but not touching, my face is a foot away but I can’t taste you. You are now looking into my eyes and you can see the hunger in them. You can see that I want you. I want you so badly. I want to pin you down and fuck you hard. The fire in my eyes says I can’t ever be satisfied until I have fucked you in three holes.

But I can’t have you.

Pre-cum has covered my cock head and is leaking a rivulet down the side. You reach behind and VERY slowly stroke down my cock. My wetness makes your hand glide down smoothly. You grip it hard and YANK it up and I scream with pain, arousal and the sheer impossibility of touching you.

Two more fast strokes and you sense that is enough. You let go and turn back to face me. You watch my face contort with agony as the wave of my ruined orgasm smashes into me and a single streak of hot cum hits the middle of your back. The rest is furiously spilling over my cock and balls like a brimming barrel in a rainstorm. I scream your name as the pain and pleasure melt into one and I wrestle my bindings.

I collapse exhausted and broken. You continue to rub your clit faster and faster, you’ve seen the fire in my eyes die and you want me to know who is in charge. As you approach orgasm your barking moan begins, it rolls in waves and you slide down my chest, pinning my shoulders with your knees. As you come you grab and squeeze your breasts and thrust your cunt into my face, grinding against my mouth and nose, soaking it thoroughly.

You sit on my face until the waves of your orgasm have gone. I can hear, taste, breathe, smell and see only you. You are now all my senses. You get up, slowly, dribbling as much cunt juice on my body as you can, marking your territory.”

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Author: kinkyandperky

Normal by day, Sub-normal by night. Online submissive alterego. I came for the pain and stayed for the control. Follow me on twitter on @kinkyandperky

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